HearClear® Hearing Aid Batteries | HearClear® Implant Plus 675 Battery for Cochlear Implant Devices

The HearClear Cochlear Implant Plus battery is backed with over 30 years of research and development, utilizing a unique patented technology in their design that allows you to hear clearer tones with less distortion resulting in fewer volume adjustments, and battery replacements. The HearClear 675P Implant Plus battery offers an ideal blend of high capacity, high power, long shelf life and anti-leakage design.


Chemistry: Zinc Air
Voltage: 1.45V
Capacity: 500 mAh at 100 Ohms
Shelf-Life: 4 year

The HearClear 675P Implant Plus battery is compatible with: all brands of cochlear implants, requiring primary zinc air batteries. In laboratory testing, the HearClear battery outperforms all other brands of cochlear implant batteries.

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