HearClear® Hearing Aid Battery | Features

HearClear Battery Introduction

HearClear is the trademarked brand creation of Micropower Battery Company, one of the largest hearing aid battery distributors in the world, in business since 1990. MBC is known around the world, as a leading distributor of all the world’s brands of hearing aid batteries. Wholesale markets include over 50 countries, retail professional sales outlets across the United States, and numerous popular battery and hearing aid battery e-commerce websites. The HearClear brand name is exclusive to MBC. Our first product line presentation are the Premium Plus and Implant Plus products. This product line is to be followed by additional hearing aid lines having an emphasis on unique features distinctive to hearing aid batteries. If you are a consumer we invite you to try our products. If you are a hearing aid battery wholesale distributor or import, kindly go to our distributor page for information about selling our brand.

Hearing aid Battery and Cochlear Battery Features

Our Premium Plus product is a perfect balance of high quality and economy. The batteries feature a patented zinc air battery design, successfully in use for many years. The batteries are custom manufactured by one of the three largest zinc air battery manufacturers in the world. This manufacturer has been selected by us for its unique balance of high quality and cost conscience economy. Where ever you find HearClear Premium Plus and Implant Plus batteries you will find them most reasonably priced- a true consumer value.

We can attest to offering CI users, the longest lasting zinc air, cochlear implant battery. Our Implant Plus product is your best primary battery option. In user comparisons to the Powerone* Implant Plus battery, our customers have discovered a dirty little secret. Cheaper can also mean better. Feedback from our cochlear implant customers has proven HearClear Implant Plus batteries provide more duration and runtime than the Powerone Implant Plus among over 50% of the test users. A surprising result indeed, considering the HearClear battery costs a typical consumer 40% less than the Powerone equivalent. If you are a CI user and you can’t believe the amazing news, contact us today and we will send you a free sample of the HearClear Implant Plus.

Although the HearClear Premium Plus brand is new, it comes with a long heritage of experience. Our Premium Plus and Implant Plus zinc air batteries are made in one of the three largest hearing aid battery factories in the world. The product design draws from over 20 years of manufacturer innovation and perfection. We offer the consumer and hearing aid battery wholesaler or importer an ideal blend of quality, reliability, battery mAh capacity and economy. Card graphics offer a clean, fresh design, with the front side color coded to match each specific model number: Yellow (size 10), Brown (size 312), Orange (size 13), Blue (size 675) and Green (size 675P cochlear).

You can’t beat our Freshness Guarantee. If you buy hearing aid batteries in a retail store, you will have two problems to contend with. First, the batteries cost an arm and a leg when compared to our prices. You might save up to 75% or more when buying a carton of batteries from one of our e-commerce vendors. Secondly, when buying hearing aid batteries in a store, beware for the expired, or short “Best if Used By” dates. Frequently, the product may sit a long time in a store warehouse, a distributor warehouse, or on the store shelf. Often, we have seen product mishandled in a retail store setting. First in, first out doesn’t always apply to the store shelf. Our HearClear batteries come direct to us from the manufacturer and they always arrive with brand new date codes. We have reduced the levels of distribution, so that batteries arriving to our customers have typically been manufactured no later than three months prior. Even if you purchase a carton of 60 batteries or more as a year’s supply, your product will often be fresher than that purchased in a store setting.

f you don’t find all of the above convincing, we provide all HearClear battery customers with our 100% unconditional product warranty. Our motto is 100% Customer Satisfaction Assurance. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, return the unused product to your place of purchase for replacements or a refund. It’s that easy.

*Power One batteries are a registered trademark of Varta-Microbattery

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